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2020 Goals


I truly start my New Year in September. But, did not blog my New Year’s Resolution list here because I tore down my old blog, and I am restarting. Sooo my 2020 Goals will be from January 1st through whatever day in September 2020 I choose as my New Year’s date [read Happy Fall!].

This list will be a work in progress from Oct 10th 2019 – December 31st 2019.
Yes, this page is live and it’s not finished, yet. I learned to stop waiting for perfection. Sometimes good enough is good enough. I embraced working towards perfection in an imperfect way. Raw. I like it. It’ freeing —well, for me, my clients get perfection

For me .. why wait?
The ones who love me don’t care, the ones who don’t love me will find something something bitter to say even when things are perfect.

List last edited on Oct 14th


. MovNotes . Trk . Ca . Sprs . KM . Nov
. Go to Shawn’s Fight (see below)
. NH . veins

Will expound more on these later, just a list, no order to it yet………


. Spend a lot of time in nature! Outdoors chick.
. New camera
. Adjust my schedule/planner for my new level
. 1-3 new KM’s daily
. Re-establish my Squ’abie! cam, supersize it. Wildlife cam. Need outdoor cams.
. YT
. Do something with all the millions of billions of photos in print, on the dozens of DVDs, on cloud storage, cellphones, tablets, and computer. H’Suite
. Focus on stream tasks, growing viewers. Shoot for Partner status.
. Create an Etsy shop . Graphics & Handmade . I have one, but I don’t do anything with it because I haven’t done anything for it
. Garden . grow, grow, grow some more . whoot, whoot!
. Everyday .. bjj, yoga, plus woods
. Yoga, Reike certs
. 52 vid
. Compete BJJ
. Read, listen to 6 *fun* books
. 300 blog posts, 400 words
. Weekly, try a new recipe
. Well’thy Pups, STJ, TH, K’Media .. FRGABP
. Fall, 99 canning jars garden veggies
. Host live + online events
. Visit a new gym each month
. IG KT daily, and other IG daily
. Monthly, new door decor
. 3 daily marketing, print, e
. Food .. groceries, $, meals – me, piggies, and pups, squa’bies, wildlife .. food donated to shelters/piggie rescues . post weekly .. cook once, freeze 2?
. 1313 Mockingbird La
. Shinyskn
. Jwlry o mo,
. 4 Speaking gigs
. Prime, 4038
. LA
. Post cards

. Weekly blog post on the progress of the above. 2 KT/ this + food


Shawn, my son, fights on November 16th 2019 for the heavyweight title in Atlantic City [IG announcement here] .. whoot, whoot! .. not a 2020 goal, but him being the Heavyweight Champ is a great way to end 2019! / October 13th




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