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Kimberly Teed

Accidental Accountability Question


Accidental Accountability Question 💥 : For years, I have talked about mostly living in a RV, doing internet work, camping, fishing, biking, hiking with pups, sending @TeedMMA postcards from random places, blah, blah, blah. But, I truly knew this was impossible. My life was “yada yadda,” plus the logistics of driving/caring for a RV ‘beast’ crushed the dream further. It was destined to be one of my regrets when I no longer have the energy level (and humor) of a 12-year old boy. But my yada, yada changed, now I have unlimited possibilities, and discovered beautiful, converted vans which are much better than driving around a beast. I added more to the dream —like, visiting other #GracieBarra’s, #BJJ tournaments, going to where @TeedMMA will be fighting, et cetera, et cetera. Recently, I have been sending (and probably boring) a high vibe friend with all these van living photos, and travel dreams. Then, a few days ago they asked a simple question — When are you going to buy one? — ouch!, a personal “deer in the headlights” moment. Damn! Seems my mind hadn’t truly flipped from impossible to possible .. oh .. my .. goodness .. I just spent over a week hanging out with @megan_noel72‘s pups/ kitty while she vacationed, and was completely focused on writing out my new life plan with the traveling in mind ..and! I never once thought to plan to buy the van. Holy molies, Batman! The question still stands. When? Okay, let’s do this… adding a date to the dream, will make it a goal, AND, telling the Universe (errr, my tiny IG world) will hold me accountable. Sooo — I will buy this as a Christmas present for myself — yay! .. hmmm? wonder if Benchmark Vehicles is up to the challenge of adding a mobile home for the @piggieteeds and my gi’s .. LOL, but serious .. quite happy I was asked the question! oh! wait! let’s add getting a trailer, too .. oh, and motorcycles, hmmm? street? dual sport? .. oh! of course, I’ll need new bicycles, a road & a mountain bike, and……. whoot, whoot! Fun stuff .. 📷 Photo credit @benchmark_vehicles love their work.

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Had to add a NOTE : Not a van instead of a home, right now . a van for lots & lots of extended traveling.

Seems a lot of those who care about me envisioned I was saying Eff-It to a home. Not in a van, if I made that decision, I would switch to a RV for full-time living on the road.


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