Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

BJJ Ladder


Typing this for Mandy —my beautiful, brilliant, super-mom-of-eight friend who is now learning jiu-jitsu (seriously, she’s flippin’ amazing)— posting it publicly, because someone else may find it useful, too.

When you roll, you are always trying to go UP the ladder by getting your opponent DOWN the ladder.

UP the ladder; when you are in…….

  • In someone’s closed guard, break the guard, get up to..
  • Half-guard, get up to…
  • Side-control, get up to…
  • Mount, get up to…
  • Back-control.

DOWN the ladder, someone has you in…….

  • Back-control, get them down to…
  • Mount, get them down to…
  • Side-control, get them down to…
  • Half-guard… plot twist! .. never willingly go into someone’s full-guard, never let someone close guard on you —start going up the ladder.

Of course, you can skip rungs on the ladder if the opportunity presents itself, and there are all sorts of things you can and have to do in between; this is just a hierarchy.

Sooo, if someone has you in back-control you are in the worse position, fight to get down the ladder; mount sucks, but it’s better than back. Then fight and get them out of mount to at least side-control, which sucks, but it’s better than…

Sooo2, if the two of you fell from a helicopter and someone landed in your half-guard…….

  • Your opponent is trying to get to side-control…
  • You are trying to get them into closed guard so you can establish control for a sweep.

Sooo3, if you have someone in side-control, on your way to mount is knee-on-belly; which is good, because your opponent is trying to get you to half-guard and if your mount attempt is wrong, boom!, you’re in half-guard.

Control : I bolded control because I want you to focus on establishing control before you worry about submissions or your next move. Too many people get sort’a in position and go for something before they get control, and wind-up going down the ladder.

Is this understand’able? If not, tell me, I will add clarity where needed.
Questions? Just comment, I will answer live. Or text, if it’s private.

Love ya, gal!

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