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Butterfly Spirit


Above is a screenshot of Kim of Expressions of the Universe’s new Full Aries Moon video; October 6th 2019. She is holding the Butterfly Spirit card she pulled for Virgo’s —butterflies always make me reminisce about my big, beautiful furry bud, Diesel

Kim said, “.. transformation .. a lot to contemplate over this past year and for the next coming months to the end of the year .. this is you completely transforming from how you started this year, to how you’re going to end this year .. this Aries full moon is definitely going to give you a boost of fire to end it [the year] on a great note.” Whoot, whoot!

The word “transformation” is an understatement.

Who I was on January 1st 2019 and who I am now are two totally different people, but! my core is the same person.

I have always been a smart, beautiful, humble, caring, tea drinking, super strong, silly, goof ball with giant hair, and big smile, who hugs everyone.

I am un-burying all the dreams I kept safely hidden. I’m being happy out loud! I am free to shine bright!

And, and, and! I am appearing in photos!

Never posted any photos because blah, blah, blah, and now I post photos of myself. Mostly sweaty, with no makeup, bad lighting, and workout hair photos —but that non-perfection is perfectly perfect with this v.2019 version of me!

Nope, I am no where near where I want to be, and my dreams have a lot of hard work attached to them.

Yes, bumps and bruises started this transformation, and new boo-boo’s seem “to come out of left field”, but .. hmmm, I’m good + stronger .. and, the journey continues. [2020 New Year’s Goals]

I distilled my advice down to fun words for a friend, and I’m sharing them with you, in case you want to un-bury your dreams, too………

“Be happy out loud, shine bright, collect goosebumps, surround yourself with beings that sparkle, smile as much as you breathe, and openly love life in order to truly live.” -Kimberly Teed

Kimberly Teed's Be Happy Out Loud Quote

Want to use this image on your social media? Sure. Click it for the full sized image. Please tag me on Twitter and Instagram @KimberlyTeed .. I will, most likely, heart it and comment if you do.

Really read it.

I wrote it cute, but chose the words with a lot of thought. Try to embrace the fun words; especially, “surround yourself with beings that sparkle.” because I bet you 99% of your glitches are related to toxic people and/or their influence. Walk away from toxic. When humans suck, hang tight with your furry babes, they are great sparkle’ies; spoil them, they spoil you.

Shine bright, my pretties. Go, collect goosebumps.

As I’ve mentioned before, when I post about Kim and Expressions of the Universe it is NOT a paid endorsement. I truly follow her videos. I met Kim at Shawn‘s friend’s wife’s mother’s pool party in Philadelphia -did you follow that?

I usually watch her videos live on my stream with Jon, a loyal Twitch follower. When he shows up in my chat, we stream all her latest videos. She’s really good at her craft, you should follow her YouTube channel, and read her blog, too.


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