Eating Acorns


Have walked through the woods my whole life, seen tons and tons of acorns. I have even gathered them to put out for the squirrels who showed up on my old Squ’abies! cam. And yet, I never thought to eat them. Hmmm? Why?

Just saw this article Are Acorns Edible? … “acorns are highly nutritious .. may improve gut health .. rich in antioxidants .. abundant in the wild” —just don’t eat them raw.

This is a clip from the article…….
Raw acorns contain high amounts of tannins — a chemical that makes them bitter and possibly unsafe to eat in large quantities.

Nonetheless, it’s possible to remove the tannins in several ways. One of these methods is boiling.

Foragers and harvesters often recommend the following steps:

Look for fully mature, brown acorns with the caps still attached. Avoid green, unripe acorns, as these are higher in tannins.

Rinse your acorns thoroughly to remove any contaminants, such as dirt and small insects. Throw out any rotten nuts.

Remove the hard shells using a nutcracker.

Boil the raw acorns in a pot for 5 minutes, or until the water turns dark brown. Strain the nuts using a colander, discarding the dark water.

Repeat this step until the water boils clear.

After the tannins are leached out, the nuts are considered safe to eat.

You can roast them in the oven at 375°F (190°C) for 15–20 minutes for a quick and nutritious snack.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, try roasting them with honey or tossing them with cinnamon sugar after baking. Dried acorns can also be ground into flour for use in breads and pastries.

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