Happy Fall! + Happy New Year!


Happy Fall! It’s time to set your New Year’s resolutions, and design your dream life.

Yes, I said “New Year”.

When I was in elementary school the bulletin boards between the class and the coat closets were decorated with a whole year of monthly calendars. Most teachers added their artistic flare to the calendars, a rare classroom had just boring blocks, but all had four columns of three monthly calendars. All started with September in the upper left corner, and ended with August in the lower right corner.

The benefits of having this altered concept of a year has made creating and achieving New Year Resolutions easier. After a few bungled January New Year Resolution attempts, I let my child mind guide me to starting my new year’s goals in September.

January was the month hidden in the middle of second column, a time when the hustle and bustle of the holidays are finally over, and when we just want to relax from overwhelm-overload. There is no wonder as to why people fail at their New Year Resolutions, it’s simply not a logical time to begin being productive, or start something new.

And since autumn is my favorite season, I love envisioning my new year beginning in September —summer is over, crisp air, cool clothes, my birthday, fall leaf beauty begins, and pumpkin spice everything is available. Yes, I’m openly one of ‘those’ people.

It turns out September is perfect for goal setting. It’s a time when I feel refreshed after summertime outdoors play, when I look forward to getting back to work while snuggling with a warm mug of pumpkin spice coffee, and when I’m energized by the crisp air.

Plus, by the time the holidays hit I already have a couple months of momentum going and I continue to achieve even during the busy season.

And since I’m making up my own new year, I get to pick its start date. Starting on the first seems boring, so some years I chose my birthday as the start of the new year, other years start with an event, last year I picked the new moon, and this year I’ve chosen the date of the Full Harvest Moon to start my new year. Adds a bit of fun, doesn’t it?

Have you failed at traditional January New Year Resolutions, too? Maybe right now is the time for you to set your own Happy Fall! New Year resolutions, too.

Make goals that give you goosebumps, stop caring what others think, design your life, put it in writing, and make it happen —don’t wait for January.

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