Kimberly Teed

Piggie Care


Wrote this for my beautiful friend, Renata, when she was babysitting the Piggie Teed’s.

Here’s their routine…

When I wake-up I give them whatever extra vegetables I cut from the night before.
Then make sure they have enough pellets, hay, and water to last throughout the day.

extra, you don’t have to .. They always “wheek!” for a piece of my banana, so I will give them each a small slice.

extra, you don’t have to .. And, throughout the day, I toss in some piece of raw fruit or vegetable I’m eating, no cooked stuff for them.

At night, I cut up mostly romaine lettuce, and add 2-3 other vegetables or fruit .. and cut extra for their breakfast, added a box of baggies so you have them.
While they are eating on the top level, please change their blanket on the bottom level.

About the veggies…….
Mostly romaine lettuce .. the big bunches with the green leaves at grocery stores are best .. they eat all of it, even the stalk part.

The 2-3 other ones can include:
Green peppers.
Cucumbers (cut out the seeds) with washed skins.
Small pieces of carrots
The greens from carrot tops are great (if they look good)
Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew with washed rinds
Raw sweet potatoes (yams) ..
Cilantro, parsley with the stems.
Tomatoes, cut out the seeds.
Lots of other veggies and fruit

No onions .. if you aren’t sure, just text me.

Any questions, just text.

Thank you! thank you! thank you!

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