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We do Martial Arts, Hunting, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, and other tough guy stuff. Sooo here is the disclaimer to keep you from going out and being a buttsmear than blaming me because your untrained, reckless tush got injured.

To drive home the point that we are trained &/or professionals, these activities are hereinafter referred to as “Hurting Sports”.

Any Hurting Sports information on our websites and videos is only meant as a supplement to what you are learning at your Hurting Sports school and not meant to replace your Hurting Sports instructor’s training.

You should discuss and review all techniques and exercises with your instructor. The material contained on our websites and videos is meant only as an online review of techniques that you have already learned at your Hurting Sports school and to give you information about other styles of Hurting Sports and its techniques.

Hurting Sports can be dangerous. People can and do get hurt. You should only train and practice under the supervision of a skilled instructor. All children practicing Hurting Sports should be supervised by a trained instructors and their parents.

Parents should discuss with their child’s Hurting Sports instructor what is and what is not appropriate Hurting Sports training for their child.

Hurting Sports training and physical conditioning can be very physically demanding. Make sure that you check with a doctor before starting any intense exercise regime in order to avoid injuries and aggravating any potential medical condition (i.e. heart problem). If you get hurt, please see a doctor!

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By practicing any of the techniques listed or shown on this channel, you are assuming full responsibility for your own actions and any injury that may result from your actions. The information on this website and our channels are only intended for Hurting Sports training and not to encourage any illegal or violent behavior.

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