Piggie Teed's

Traveling With Guinea Pigs


Travel notes flying from Texas to New Hampshire with guinea pigs, November 2019.

A big thank you to Frontier Airlines!

Not a paid endorsement for Frontier Airlines, they are the only airline who accepts guinea pigs as passengers –featuring their plane on this post is coming from a place of complete gratitude!

Seriously, they are the only airline I found that allows guinea pigs.

They allow, “domesticated dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters or small household birds.” It was easy to book, did it online. Bought this carrier, it fits their specifications, and gives the Piggie Teed’s plenty of room to move. However, knowing their nervous nature, I assume they will be huddled together in a Stranger-Danger kind of way. I am bringing a blanket to keep them covered most of the time.

Called TSA 866-289-9673

The man who answered was very professional and answered my traveling with guinea pigs questions without sounding like he was rolling his eyes. Nice.

He mentioned I may be requested to take the guinea pigs out of the bag and place them individually in those gray bins. I said, Oh no! My one boy is a runner! To that, he laughed a lot, once he got himself together he said he pictured a loose guinea pig in the airport with TSA agents chasing it and passengers screaming thinking it’s a rodent. Too funny. He suggested, I request a private room if I’m asked to take them out. Great suggestion.

The bag set-up…

Since guinea pigs don’t require much head room, I put a full fleece blanket under the flooring. This way I have it when I get to New Hampshire. Their temporary home will be in a large dog cage. With the blanket I included a plastic table cloth still in its package, so I could put the table cloth under the dog cage to keep their hay in check.

On top of the floor, I have another fleece blanket. Curled the edge over so they can hide a bit, as needed.

There is a small, zipper storage area. Added a small bag of pellets, and will cut up a small amount of fresh veggies for them. Not bringing hay, will buy on the way to my cousin’s home.

If you’re counting : 3 fleece blankets; one to cover, one for the trip, one for later.

Okay, I leave in 15-hours.

Will update you after I go through the TSA process…….


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