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@kimberlyteed Instagram Post : Adding different fighting skills to my game, and somewhere between being tossed through the air like a little kid and me tapping out way more than I want to admit, I mentioned an unexpected opportunity that I just received and would only want to commit to for about two-years.

Coach evaluated the opportunity, compared it to my goals, offered advice, and after pointing out my areas of strengths and weaknesses he added, “A lot can happen in two years.”

When I returned home and turned on my computer, Amazon Photos punched me in the face by showing me five selfies taken exactly two years ago. Holy molies, Batman! Painful synchronicity.

My heart hurts for that wounded beast.

She had no clue a life of strength and beauty would become her norm. She had no idea that as long as she embraced being tough, strong, smart, sweet, and an openly loving goof ball she would soon be surrounded by wonderful beings who would affectionately call her warrior, killer, Coach Kim, Kimeficent, and Mama Teed. People who would believe in her and open doors for her.

The past two years have scared the bajeebaz out of me. I am grateful that beast had the strength to take the first step alone, and then the next, and then the next……. I still have no clue where the steps are leading, but I have loved this journey.

The two-year opportunity? It’s too soon to decide. In the meantime, my next steps will be to work on the weaknesses, my athleticism, lay a solid life foundation, and my tah-do’s.

It truly is the journey, not the destination. Trust that next step; a lot can happened in two years.

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