Kimberly Teed

Death & Rebirth of

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I’m not the same soul I once was…
…a lot has changed…
……a lot had to change…
………a lot just changed because of changes.

Life is an adventure. Awesome. My website can not be the same old junk I grew out of in ‘real’ life.

I didn’t edit the past, I made choices in the present and life got amazing.

Doing that with my website — poof, all the old stuff is gone, with this post it’s start over.

And! Since I was a fulltime website gal and still have those superpowers…

I will step you through my thought process while starting a profitable website/blog from scratch. No, I won’t spend a fortune on bullogna schemes and I won’t worry about all the junk the SEO “experts” swear you need to do.

If I have something to teach you, I will step you through my thought process at the end of the post.

And when I save you a fortune, then you make a fortune, remember a little tithe, tip, gratitude gift goes a long way and is always appreciated.

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Start Your Blog

First, Choose your Niche : Yeah, I am breakin this rule. Sorry to start off this way, but I am choosing not to have a niche………

I am going to “live out loud” .. be me, embrace all the messy, and hopefully encourage a mo-fo or two to be their genuine selves along the way.

I plan to cram my life into one e-mushball without limiting my ability to conduct myself and post what I want. Will proceed with “integrity,” and not edit myself because of what my followers or sponsors want to see.


Please don’t follow this part and try multiple topics at the beginning. The logistics of setting-up this website was confusing for me and I have been building websites since the 90’s. You can always add more after your foundation is set —after— you find your voice.

Before you decide to jump into the world of profitable blogs, if you don’t have a built in niche — like you own a jiu-jitsu gym and that is what you will post about — figure out what makes your heart sing.

If you regularly Google stuff, blog about that.

You don’t need to wait until you are an expert, you only have to be a few steps ahead of your reader. Be genuine and love your topic.

Decided you are going to contribute something. Write the article you wish you read when you started down that path. Don’t worry about how many other blogs write stuff about your topic. You write about it from your point of view.

Think about food; you can buy it from fine dining restaurants, Aldi, Wawa, Target, McDonald’s, Chinese, produce stands, Amazon, etc.. They all do food their own way.

Do your niche your way, sooo…….

What is your niche? Truly, your niche. Not something you think will be popular; again, be genuine and love your topic.

People can ‘smell’ insincerity. Don’t stink.