Hello, my pretties

I moved KimberlyTeed.com
.. of course, I will change everything to make it pretty —like you 🙂

Ya know, you can start your own site, too…

Teed Hosting


  • Buy your domain name on Teed Hosting.
  • Get hosting from Teed Hosting .. I suggest WordPress Managed Hosting; easiest for beginners, plus we include lots of play ‘n play themes at sign-up. Yeah, we have hosting for seasoned designers, too.
  • Of course, you need to secure your website with an SSL or your readers won’t be able to view it without some dreaded Go Back! Unsafe! message.
  • Then go to your Dashboard and click Add New under Posts and create your first blog post.
  • Ehhh, I have a few more suggestions, just ask.

Did you know?

Designing websites was my th’ang for decades… before I decided to live the #everydaysweat lifestyle.

Yes, your sweat friend is also a computer junkie!

. . .

Are you a website designer?

You may wish to become your clients’ website host. Teed Hosting does all the heavy lifting under your name. Yes, recurring income for you + buy your products from you at your cost.