Ugly Photo Sizes

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Still in the design phase of this site. Read, What’s going on around here?

Yesterday, I added the Terms page into this new design. Asked a lawyer to go over my old Terms. Surprised he left my humor in there. He didn’t delete any of it and only gave me quite a few legal ease lines to add to the end —major kudos to him for being cool with my silliness.

Tonight’s work:

. As you can see by the screenshot, the images need to be a uniform size, edits are not automatic. The top bar looks suckie right now. Will stick with square images since Instagram is square and it will keep me from having to make two images, one blog, one IG.

.. Plus someone else’s name appears in most of the side bars. Going to delete all of those boxes in the widgest. Don’t want to spend my future updating all the side bars every time I make a change.

… Want to add a random pic Instagram feed across the bottom, then I am going to leave it stay, as is, and focus on content…….



. Images edited. Looks better. Used 1080 x 1080 pixels for the images since that is the best res for Instagram .. looks much better.

.. Removed that other person’s name, and hid all the ad areas, too.

NOT DONE … Installed the Instagram feed, but! for some strange reason it is showing two identical rows of posts .. weird .. but it’s bedtime, so it will wait.

Good night.

. . .

June 24th 2020 @ 1536hrs | Hey, hey .. a few days ago -above- I mentioned that there were two identical rows of posts. Finally have a moment to sit down and fix what irks me.

Oh yeah, I had time before but was dreading it. LOL + groan.

Below is editing notes for me in case I need them in the future. No need to read further, nothing cool…

Here’s a screenshot…

Ugly. Still working on it. Finally figured out that there is redundant code in the theme. Need to find out where. Yeah, this theme designer needed to tighten up a few things before launching it.

Found it!

Going to put the edit how-to here in case the theme updates and it doubles again.

Main Index Template (index.php) –> Line 195 –> Remove

php // featured widget area dynamic_sidebar( THIMFY_THEME_SLUG . ‘-bottom-widget’ .. bracket to bracket, from :

. . .

Okay, now that I am not seeing double anymore, I need to work on the space between the IG feed and the footer. It’s huge!

Done. That was easy. Change at Theme Options –> Footer – Style 02 –> Footer – Margin Top

. . .


What Is Going on Here?!

June 18, 2020