What Is Going on Here?!

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Yup. The site is currently ugly -June 18th 2020- and it’s been ugly for a while.


My favorite look of this site was back when it was straight HTML. When I had to build each page by hand. It was amazing back then! Even now it would still stand as one of the more good looking sites on the web —except on cellphones. Too much going on for mobile.

Hmmm, when was that? Thinking 2001’ishhh.

Back then was pretty, I actually kept up with content, and it had all these cool info bits and spots. Was even featured on many blogs for its looks, especially when I Christmas version’ed it. Maybe I have a screenshot somewhere…???

I also really liked my About Me page then, too. I intend to dig up those graphics from wherever they are hiding and use them again in this new design. Will be a bear to squish them into a WordPress website, but I will find a way.


This theme is a bit difficult to edit.

The places where to change things are hard to find. The docs which are supposed to tell you it’s hiding spots is pretty much all broken links.

I like the theme, it’s just being a noodge. It’s a new release; thinking its release was rushed. Will probably be great as non-ex-website designers buy it and start to complain. Easier to fix things than answer angry troubleshooting questions.

For example, this theme has ad spots. The ad spot at the top, on the home page, is not listed in the section for changing the theme’s ad spots. Really?! I was able to peek into the code and determine it is the only ad spot that is changed via widgets. It’s okay. I have the knowledge. When I can’t find where to change things I just workaround it by writing code and shoving it into the Custom CSS spot until I discover the actual places to change them.


Sooo excited!

I can now announce that after all these years of neglecting my online presence for the sake of my design clients — my social media, Shawn, and will have my full attention, and finally my website has a direction!

Well, a kind’of direction……..

At least for the immediate future it will be a bit of an archive place. Where I house all of my content of the day from Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube. It will have my shop, merch, sponsors, bookings, et cetera and I will occasionally post unique to the website content .. it will grow from there. will finally be what it was meant to be —my home base, my headquarters— Kimmie’s HQ, fun.


All of my content for the last few years has been on Instagram, and not with any regularity. I bailed on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter -Twitter had 20,000+ followers, now have 12,238, gahhh- and this site. Plus, I haven’t streamed on Twitch since November.

Will begin to post regularly on Instagram, Twitter, and stream on Twitch again.

To me Facebook is evil, decent people are buttsmears there; it will not be a part of my future.

Will probably stream some version of a coffee chat while I add the content to this website each night. Schedules and everything are pending .. oh yeah, my calendar is another thing to be added here.

TeedMMA Tah-do’s:

  • Move website to its new server;
  • Add its SSL cert;
  • Add his IG content;
  • Work on Sponsors, prior to;
  • Its redesign.

The domain name was purchased July 5th 2002.

Yup, it’s been sitting around like an old turd for a few days shy of 18-years. Let’s see how this baby polishes up!

Secure your name, domain name at Teed Hosting.

Oh, the photo choice! Almost forgot 

We are in a mix of a new moons, a solar eclipse, the Spring Equinox, and Mercury is RetrogradeKim McG is the expert, not me – read her, Mercury Retrograde in Cancer and combining this with last week’s bizarre ‘atmosphere’ and my normal bouncing off the walls energy I have decided to crawl into my rabbit hole to reFOCUS on my e-presence, exercise a lot, do my daily Portuguese lessons, and read the book I have been slacking on the last few weeks; but of course, I will take any training that comes my way – NJ is still on full quarantine mode, will jump out and take all training that comes my way!

When Alice fell down the rabbit hole…
It was an accident.
But when she stepped through the looking glass, it was of her own free will and a brave deed by far.

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