Just a Whooo Saaa Sunday

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36°F/2°C  supposed to be sunny, all day

Decided to do a day of random notes.

Since I’m building a new life foundation I figured maybe someone, someday -probably me- will find these notes interesting.

— Fail — was busy doing things and not typing the things.

To catch you up .. I woke up, drank a large mug of hot water with lemon, then drank more water, then drank coffee, and more coffee .. now I’m off to eat bananasss .. and!

I promise to try to actually make notes that don’t involve food and beverages.

Dang, Spent more time than I wanted to setting up this page.

Days ago, I saw a pre-made shirt graphic days ago saying,”Being an adult is like the dumbest thing I’ve ever done” and I wanted to use it for this post. I searched, found, and bought it. It was blurry in the display image, but I assumed that was because they were trying to prevent design theft.  Nope, they were the thief. I received a blurry, unprofessional, cheap copy. Such a waste of time + cash. Took me a few moments to recreate it.

Shortcuts usually aren’t.

Due to me rebuilding life, a new life foundation, this website had to go and was demolished. It is currently being rebuilt. This is only my second post on the new site, look, and I…….

Just discovered it does not look well with square images. The images need to be a tall rectangle. Sooo, I need to re-do this image. Gahhh. More time, more time. Is this post really worth it?

Of course it is, silly.

Decided to listen to a Virgo tarot card reading while I tidy up Harry Potter’s room under the stairs –my nickname for the room I rent. Seriously tiny; my old closet was larger than this. Here, a misplaced receipt makes it look cluttered. However, me and the piggies have a place to sleep while I keep an extreme focus on building my new foundation.

The video is 30:56 minutes long, perfect…….

C’ya soon.

Was side-tracked by a conversation with a dear friend, and I found myself pointing out something which I have said three times in the last few weeks so I’ll pass on my opinion/theory to you since I didn’t get my tidy completed.

Someone has something crappy happen at work -> they tell a sympathetic HR person -> later, the victim is blamed for the event, or answers get pushed off, or the complaint is pretty much ignored .. but what always seems to follow is their work reviews start getting worse, they get written up constantly for unrelated stuff, they are demoted .. et cetera, et cetera.

Why? To discredit you as a disgruntled employee in the event that your complaint goes to court.

How don’t people see that : HR is just an early warning system for the company.

You got to know when to hold ’em .. know when to fold ’em .. know when to walk away ..

And, know when to run!

So, my pretties, I did a bunch. I haven’t relaxed; though, it’s 2019hrs and I haven’t posted a dang thing since earlier.

I like the idea of a page with random tasks and notes, I just didn’t implement it well.

Will try again.
Thank you for reading.

See ya next time.. off to post some St Patrick’s Day shirt designs.

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