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Not moving forward with notes about the Keller Williams 66-Day Challenge. It’s a fine challenge, just don’t need the title… and if there’s something to share, I’ll will.

Sunday, February 18th

Remember, my first tip to you:

While in school, start saving a realtor start-up fund!

Reminding you because, I was just hit with a surprise fee…

Was told joining the MLS is less than $200 for their billing cycle, but surprise, surprise — your first year is a $250 whatever they are calling it fee added on.

Earning any of this investment back has become a slow, tedious process. I am not relying on my own work ethic — it took whatever force two-weeks to verify I am legit.

Today, when I tried to sign-in and pay the fees — I was told that the approved application is expired, and I have to reapply then wait again for that force to verify I am legit.

Decided to not stress out about it. I can’t control any of this, and I can’t “knock on doors” until my bad ass business cards arrive this week.

I designed these cards; even though, I was offered 200 business cards for free. But they looked free — cheap, flimsy, yawn inducing.

These are on a heavy card stock with the edges colored red. Nice!

This cost is on me, probably optional for you your broker will probably offer you freebies, too. If you’re comfortable with the freebies, then use them.

$$ -> Subtotal: $37.99 + Shipping: $7.99 + Tax: $3.05 = $49.03

Bought for Teed Real Estate.. short, sweet, can evolve as I do. Won’t make a separate site for it anytime soon.

Oh! And I started an e-mail list. Haven’t done anything with it and you’ll probably be my first subscriber… thank you + LOL!


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That’s all for today.. I’m opening Photoshop to make some more Saint Patrick’s Day shirt designs for Teed Designs… enjoy your Sunday!

February 25th

Boy’o boy! Time is flying! So much to do. Not complaining, work is like a sport to me. Love it… as long as I have a plan, a direction.

Do not enjoy playing a sport where I don’t know the game.

In real estate, I’m a total, no stripe white belt right now. But! I have some great people around me…..

At the meeting Keller Williams Omni had on Wednesday, I offered to help some gals with their social media and building their brand. That, I know –and they’ll help with my newbie realtor questions.

Off to change the header of my X formerly known as Twitter. Right now it’s a screenshot of me streaming on Twitch from 2018? 2019? I’ve abandoned that account for years, it’s going to be mostly Realtor posts. Mostly.